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Houston-based software startup venture entering Beta Test.
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Skill Cubes, Inc. is a Software Development company focused on developing and marketing a bold and disruptive software technology for the human resources industry that effectively replaces the paper-based resume from the skills matching supply chain. Our standardized digital resumes are Time-Based on career aspiration data, including soft skills motivation profiling. Using candidate aspiration data as the foundation for skills matching, increases employee retention and decreases the costs of skills matching at Fortune 2000 Companies, Recruiters and Web job boards.

Markets Served

The Skill Cubes® solution leverages career aspirations as the method for skills matching during candidate identification, resume assessment, and internal job assignments. Matching the aspirations of candidates to those of the job order is the key to successful recruiting, retention and productivity. Each internal employee and each external job candidate is provided with an aspirations based SkillCube® containing both hard skills and soft skills. Hiring managers create aspirations based digital job orders (SkillReqs™) containing the hard skills and soft skills of their ideal match. The SkillCubes® and SkillReqs® are then placed into an On-Site or Private Exchange, where they have access to Backfill and Publish into a national infrastructure of inter-linked Skill Cubes Exchanges.


Your organization needs access to HR skills matching and prefers the cloud software model. The Skill Cubes® software tools are available as a Private Exchange monthly fee allowing you to pay-as-you-go for skills matching in our cloud data center.
Your organization supports a corporate data center and prefers to license and install software products in-house rather than off-site in some cloud. The Skill Cubes® software tools are available for traditional On-Site Exchange license model allowing you to install and maintain the skills matching engine in your own data center.
Your software development team faces a growing need to differentiate your product offerings. The Skill Cubes® ISV Toolkit enhances your HR Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or ERP offerings with a standardized Skills Passport based on career aspirations, producing full-color Interactive Graphical Feedback Reports for both the employer and the candidate.