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Product Offerings

Private Exchange

Cloud-Based Exchange

Get started fast with your own Private Exchange in our Cloud hosted right here by Skill Cubes, Inc. to match your own SkillCubes to SkillReqs.

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On-Site Exchange

In-House Exchange

Install the Skill Cubes Exchange locally on your premise or in your private cloud. This provides you an 'Internal Job Board' in addition to recruiting and partner linkage.

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Public Exchange

Open Access

Submit your SkillCube into the Public Exchange for greater visibility and reach. Submit your SkillReqs into the Private Exchange for greater depth of matching

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ISV Toolkit

Build Your Own

Integrate or 'White Label' the Skill Cubes libraries (DLL's and WebServices) into your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) product offering.

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About us


Diverging aspirations are known to be one of the top reasons why employers and employees choose to separate, and yet they are rarely considered during today’s business processes of recruiting, realignments, or mergers and acquisitions. The Skill Cubes® software tools address problems of employee retention by matching on aspirations.

The Skill Cubes® Matching Engine uses Patent Pending data analytics to match Time-Based digital SkillCubes® with Time Based digital SkillReqs®. The resulting Graphical Feedback Reports provide valuable ‘information’, rather than the ‘data’ produced by today’s keyword search results.

Aligned aspirations insure employer’s that a candidate is motivated to perform a given job, as well as being skilled to perform that job. Aligned aspirations also enable the employee’s to find meaningful work that motivates them, and guides their career decisions.

Now in Beta Test! We are actively seeking Beta Installation Sites for our product offerings and welcome your interest. In return for your patience you will recieve direct input into our Development Plan and Release Cycle.

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Skill Cubes, Inc. is a privately held and debt free Delaware Corporation seeking $400,000 Seed investment. Forbes estimates the on-line job posting market to be $2.8 Billion dollars, where startups like SuccessFactors (purchased by SAP $3.4B), Kenexa (purchased by IBM $1.9B) and Taleo (purchased by Oracle $1.3B). Please contact Jim Kohs at 800-SkillCubes for additional information.
Now in Beta Test! We are actively seeking Beta Installation clients for our product offerings and welcome your interest. In return for your patience you will recieve direct input into our Development Plan and Release Cycle.
Please contact us if you would like to explore becoming a Board Member or Advisor to our fast growing startup venture. We are actively seeking entrepreneural executives who enjoy the fun and pain of explosive growth. We promise a collaborative ear for your wisdom and passion.

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Job Matching with a Social Media Twist

Don't you wish you lived in the 1950's with job security, pensions, healthcare and retirement? Yeah so do I but no.... we live in the gig economy where self-employment, seasonal jobs, consulting, 1099 and self-insurance is the norm. Trying to find jobs in this gig economy using recruiters and job boards has proved ineffective. Our lives change week to week and month to month. We get most information and news through our smart phones while we're on the run. Now Skill Cubes arrives to meet the needs of our ever changing gig search.


Skill Cubes Entering Beta Test

The Skill Cubes product offerings are now entering Beta Test with a limited number of clients. If you feel that our offerings can give your business a competitive advantage please contact us.


Skill Cubes Makes Headlines in Houston

Check out the articles around Houston and the HR space covering our new software startup venture.


Skill Cubes Actively Seeking Investors

If you have interest in our software startup venture, the HR Tech space or the Houston entrepreneural space we welcome a discussion with you.


Seeking Board, Advisors and Senior Team Members

We are actively talking to leaders in the HR Tech space and software entrepreneurs to build our our leadership team. If you like what you see please ring us up.

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Station Houston

Look for us around the Station Houston startup incubator. We attend quite a few events there and would love to meet you.


Houston Technology Center

You'll find us at most events sponsored by the Houston Technology Center, and the Innovators in The Woods (Woodlands).


Trade Shows and Events

Let's meet up at one of the HR Tech shows or one of the many events around Houston, Texas.

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